Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Puneet is a first-year MBA ISP student majoring in Finance. He comes to GBC after working as an analyst for BFIG.

With a degree in Computer Engineering and a strong interest in Finance, Puneet has a rich and diversified experience working as software engineer and Financial analyst for companies such as Infosys, Bank of America and BNP Paribas.


He has a proven track record of leading teams and handling complex projects and assignments. After graduating, Puneet's goal is to join one of the top banks as an equity analyst and eventually become a fund manager.

Puneet loves participating in competitive case competitions and has competed and won several internal as well as external competitions. 

Puneet joined GBC to continue encouraging business students to develop themselves outside of the classroom through professional training, case competitions, networking events and more. 

He is an avid reader and enjoys stock research as a hobby. As a lover of nature, Puneet enjoying local treks. His other interests include soccer, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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In 2013, Connor Welsh completed the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program through the Telfer School of Management (University of Ottawa), and began his professional career when he joined Spark Power as a Financial Analyst. Over the past six years, Connor has worked for Spark Power in a variety of capacities, ultimately “finding his home” at one of the service companies within the Spark umbrella - Northwind Solutions. Northwind is a service company that performs operations & maintenance activities on renewable energy assets across North America. Connor works as a Performance Analyst connecting infield operations with the company’s financial performance. Connor is also a member of Spark’s JET (Junior Executive Team) program where he has been working one-on-one with Spark Power’s CFO on a yearlong project focused on margin improvement. 

Connor is currently a part-time, third year Goodman student closing in on the completion of the MBA program this year. A strong believer that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom, Connor has a tendency of always saying “yes” to extracurriculars. Some of these extracurriculars include participating in the 2018 Goodman Cup, the 2019 Winter Cup, and the 2019 MBA Games.

Outside of work and school, Connor loves to play a variety of different sports – hockey, basketball, soccer, and softball. He also enjoys volunteering and giving back within his community through organizations including BBBS, Unity for Autism, and Prostate Cancer Canada. 
Interesting fact: As a teenager, I competed for several years as a blackbelt in karate in both the NBL (National Blackbelt League) and NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) circuits in weapons and fighting categories.

Connect with @connorwelsh1 over Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Bhargav Iyer is a second year Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – ISP student pursuing a specialization in Finance. He has represented Goodman School of Business in the 2019 MBA games and has also worked as a Research Associate for Brock Finance & Investment Group (BFIG). He is also a soon-to-be member of Beta Gamma Sigma honour society.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Bhargav Iyer has a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai. He has also completed the Professional Chartered Accountancy degree and is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


His work experience is majorly in the field of Accounting, Finance and Regulatory Reporting having worked over 5 years with Multinationals like Morgan Stanley and Deloitte. Although his dream is to become a soccer coach, after graduating he wants to work in the front offices of a reputed financial services firm.

Bhargav is passionate about soccer, be it playing or watching and supporting his favourite club. He also enjoys reading and watching Sci-Fi books and movies. His other hobbies include cooking, hiking and tennis. He’s always up for volunteering and has volunteered for various events hosted by Brock University and the city of St. Catharines.

Bhargav has joined GBC to control and be vigilant with the Finances of the club. He also intends to promote the importance of physical and mental heath wellbeing amongst the students, professors and staff at Brock University through GBC.

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Nitish Menon is a second-year MBA student majoring in Marketing. After completing a Bachelors of Commerce and a Diploma in International Business,

Nitish has worked for several major international companies such as Paytm and McKinsey & Co. where he honed his leadership, teamwork, time management and organizational skills.


Nitish has joined GBC as VP Competitions to encourage business students within Goodman to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned within a classroom setting to various case competitions.

His passion for case competitions can be traced back to MBA games where he was a member of the Marketing case competition team along with being an active competitor in several internal case competitions.


Nitish brings vast experience in case competition planning and execution.

Outside of school, Nitish enjoys soccer, music, adventure and travelling. He enjoys his usual Netflix binge but also can be found to be an ardent traveller and would grab any opportunity to explore

Reach out to @nitishmenon on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

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Rushikesh is a second-year student majoring in Business Analytics. He is also serving on Graduate Student Association (GSA) as VP Communications.

After completing his undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering from Pune University India, Rushikesh entered in the software industry as Oracle consultant. He has 10 years of industry experience working with different companies in India and the Middle East

He’s a previous winner for Goodman Cup and represented Brock and Goodman School of Business in MBA Games 2019 in Technology and Innovation case competition.

He loves socializing, traveling and playing chess. After graduation, Rushikesh aims to continue his career in the field of Business Analytics.

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Sara is a second-year MBA student, who is specializing in Marketing. Prior to entering the Goodman School of Business, she had taken up different roles such as Project Management and Marketing strategy in various Marketing Communication Agencies for over six years.

With her combined experience in Communications Strategy, Project Management, Idea Development, and Media Planning, she has launched successful campaigns in various industries.

Sara has an avid interest towards case competitions and as a result, won several Internal case competitions as well. She has also represented Goodman School of Business in John Molson and DeGroote case competitions.

Sara joined the GBC to help form an influential graduate business community; where students can apply their academic learnings, share their ideas and experiences, and get prepared for their desired career path.

After graduation, Sara aims to continue her career in Marketing Communications.

You can Connect with @saraeslampanah on Instagram, Facebook,LinkedIn.

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Nitin is a second year MBA student who is specializing in the field of Marketing.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree, he has professionally been working in the Operations and Marketing sector since the year 2014. Last year, He was a representative for the Goodman School of Business in the MBA games for the Marketing case competition and the E-Sports team as well. 

Nitin has joined the GBC as VP Marketing in order to invigorate students to actively get involved in events not only in the classroom setting but also outside the classroom in order to develop their overall personality, as he believes that course grades are not everything. 

In terms of work experience – Nitin has had diverse experience by being part of major companies such as Amazon and Zomato. Being a result-oriented person, Nitin regularly worked on process improvement ideas in order to assist employees to work more efficiently and effectively. He has also had international teaching experience in Russia, where his job entailed him to work with students in matters of Politics and English as a language. After graduating, Nitin’s goal is a little different from most others, He would like to take the entrepreneurial route and start up his own business. 

Outside the classroom, You would most likely see Nitin on the soccer pitch as that is one of his top hobbies or looking up random facts about the world. In addition to this, some of his other interests include Travelling, Photography, Chess, Movies, Reading and listening to different kinds of music.

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