Yuchen Yen (English name Johnson) started his MBA degree in 2019. He holds a degree of Bachelor in Finance and is a Registered Financial Analyst and Management Accountant in Chartered Institutes.


Before coming to Brock, Johnson was working in the Fortune 500 Company (Foxconn) based in Shenzhen China as a Senior Specialist. He managed the organization’s equity investments in the world’s largest investment fund (Softbank Vision Fund). His career started off as an external auditor in Deloitte Touché LLP Shanghai, and successfully transitioned to a fintech start-up. Later on, he joined a merger and acquisition investment team as an Investment Manager. His areas of specialization include investment management, budgeting and forecasting, and financial analysis.


After coming to Brock, he was nominated as the Team Captain for Team Goodman 2020 which represented Goodman School of Business in the MBA Games (Instagram @TeamGoodman2020). He built strong team comradery and ingeniously turned the team into a family.


Johnson joined the GBC as the President with the goal of continuing to bring in practical workplace knowledge and industry know-how through business collaborations, trainings, competitions and networking events for Goodman graduate students.


Johnson loves to play sports especially golf, basketball, baseball and volleyball. During his leisure time, he enjoys reading business magazines and investment articles to enhance his investment knowledge.


Connect with Johnson on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook @johnsonyen0714, or invite him for a cup of his favourite drink, black coffee specifically!

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Kartik Kantheti is a second year Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – ISP student pursuing a specialization in Finance. He has represented Goodman School of Business in the 2020 MBA games in the strategy case competition

Born and raised in Mumbai & Pune, Kartik Kantheti has a bachelor’s in commerce from the University of Pune. He has also pursued his Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


His work experience is majorly in the field of Auditing, Finance Regulatory Reporting & Credit Underwriting. He has worked for 3.5 years in the Assurance field with PWC. He has also worked for over 4 years with a reputed NBFC lending company in India as a mortgage underwriter & later a project manager. Post his MBA, he wishes to pursue a management consultancy role with a top advisory or PE firm with a specialization in the financial service industry.   

In his spare time, Kartik loves to go on hikes, play soccer, travel & do adventure sports. Prior to coming to Canada, he was an avid biker. He is also interested in world politics & trade.


Kartik has joined the GBC executive team to gain control & be vigilant with the clubs finances. He intends to promote the importance of transferable behavioural skills & practical knowledge amongst his fellow students & keep in touch with the professors & staff of Brock University through GBC. Get in touch with Kartik Kantheti on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

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Mark Gratian Rosario is a second year MBA student majoring in Operations Management. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he pursued his Masters of Technology (M.Tech) in Engineering Management and followed up with a yearly long thesis work at the RGI Airport, Hyderabad, India. Mark started his professional career as an Assistant Professor in the field of Mechanical Engineering and for an international exposure, he moved to Dubai, UAE to work in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Mark has joined GBC as VP Competitions to improve the participation rate among his fellow Goodman graduate students and help students apply theoretical concepts learnt in courses to apply in various practical situations through competitions in the MBA program.

Mark volunteered to coach 3 field hockey teams and himself played at the provincial level field hockey. As a MBA Games Team 2020 Co-captain and the captain of the Dodgeball team, mark infused a competitive spirit in the team.

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Sandeep is a second-year student majoring in Business Analytics. After completing his undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indraprastha University Delhi, India, Sandeep entered in the software industry as a Software developer. He has five years of industry experience working as a Front-end developer for ABN AMRO Bank in India and Netherlands.


Sandeep joined GBC as IT Director to bring information to students via the Goodman website and help them participate in different activities to enrich their experience at Brock University. He has represented Brock and Goodman School of Business in MBA Games 2020 in Case competition and E-Sports team.


He loves socializing, travelling and playing video games. His other interests include dancing, reading about new technology trends and saving environment. After graduation, Sandeep aims to continue his career in the field of Business Analytics.

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Weijing Tang is currently a second-year MBA student, holding a Bachelor of Management degree. She was the spirit leader for team Goodman 2020 which represented Goodman School of Business in the MBA Games.


Before entering the Goodman School of Business, she had over five years of working experience in the marketing department, taking up different roles including project management, branding, and marketing strategy in different industries. When working in AbbVie, a Top 10 pharmaceutical company, Weijing contributed her great effort into making a product to be the market leader in China. Later on, she was employed as a marketing manager in a manufacturing company, building her team from zero and helping the company to go public.


Weijing joined the GBC to promote Goodman school of business and form an influential graduate business community. From here, students can apply their skills and knowledge acquiring from classrooms, share their ideas and experiences, build a network, and get prepared for their desired career path.


Weijing is passionate about different culture and people by travel. She resigned her promising job for a gap year in Australia, since she knows the best way to broaden your horizon is to step out of the comfort zone. And also, she is really into cooking and creating her recipes, aiming to explore food in the world.


You can connect with Weijing on Instagram @ weijing_lol, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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Omkar is a Computer Science engineer with diversified experience in the field of Marketing, I.T, and Analytics. He has worked with some of the top fortune 500 brands such as Warner Bros. Microsoft, I.B.M, and Proctor and Gamble. He is entrepreneur-spirited and he started his first venture while he was in 3rd year of his undergraduate Program. His latest Venture was an Influencer Marketing C.R.M Product which was successfully acquired by an Indian Conglomerate.


Omkar is joining GBC as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications. His primary goal is to keep the students engaged while providing value in their professional and personal lives at the same time.


Omkar has worked as a Marketing Manager for one of the largest Animation studios in India. Apart from that, he has successfully co-founded 2 startups and He is currently working part-time as a Digital Marketing Consultant. He is extremely passionate about Marketing and Analytics tools and has acquired over 12 Certificates in Digital Marketing and Software tools specialization.


Omkar’s favorite sports are Chess and Cricket. In addition to this, his other interests include Driving, Travelling, and enjoying different kinds of music.


You can connect with him on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram @omkarchinchalikar

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