A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way!

Dovita Lobo enrolled into the MBA-ISP program at the Goodman School of Business in August 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science Engineering and is keen on pursuing a career in Business Analytics.

While working as a Change Management Specialist for Schneider Electric, she realized her passion for data analytics and is excited to utilize her previous expertise in her future career!

Dovita has always been keen on participating in case competitions, which led her to win the BEST-case competition & she was placed 3rd in the Goodman Cup 2020. She enjoys solving real- world business cases which are incorporated within the experiential projects offered in her course at the Goodman School. She has also competed in the sports & spirits (dance) event at the MBA Games 2021 held virtually for the first time! She also has an immense passion towards music and is the lead vocalist in her church choir. She enjoys listening to old school rock and pop!

As the GBC President, Dovita plans to focus on providing opportunities for the graduate students so they can improve their presentation and networking skills through various competitions and events.


You can connect with Dovita on LinkedIn and Instagram!

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Owen Angus - Yamada is entering his second year of the MSc in Management program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from McMaster University.

During his undergraduate, he refocused from playing competitive sports to competitive business competitions. He competed in national and international competitions, placing, and winning several of them. Upon joining Goodman, he kept the competitive momentum by placing 2nd in the Goodman Cup and winning best speaker along the way.

Although the drive to compete is still there, he took the VP of Competitions role with the goal of furthering Goodman’s business competition prowess. He hopes to make more external and internal competitions and skills development opportunities available for Goodman students.
When he is not doing research or thinking about business competitions, he is training for ultramarathons and teaching his puppy: Buster, new skills.

Owen also sits on the GSA board of directors representing the Goodman School of Business, so he is open to hearing your input on GBC competition and GSA matters.

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Prateek Sharma is a second year MBA student specializing in Operations Management. He holds an Engineering degree in Biotechnology from a reputed college back home in India. Post-graduation, Prateek has worked in the field of social media marketing and sales before joining Brock.

Prateek’s student life at Brock has been busy as he likes to participate in case competitions and any other event that’s fun and interesting. His team won the last year’s addition of the annual Goodman Cup case competition and due to his other achievements during the BEST program, he also got a chance to meet the Dean of Goodman School of Business!

He worked as a Competitions Associate for GBC during his first year and has now accepted the role of VP of social media events. He intends to bring GBC to students by organizing fun and interesting events. In this virtual world, he understands the importance of social media and its benefits in our lives and passionately intends to capitalize on it.

When off work, you can find him engrossed in a novel or listening to jazz/indie music in a coffee shop. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Tanvi Malik is a second-year MBA ISP student specializing in Marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Madras. Professionally, Tanvi has had diverse work experience in the Tax and Marketing sectors for over seven years with leading firms such as EY and Zomato, where she strengthened her leadership and organizational skills. She has an avid interest in Marketing and wishes to pursue a career in the same field.

Previously, Tanvi has worked with the GBC as an Assistant Marketing Manager and has organized multiple social events during her tenure virtually.

As VP Marketing, Tanvi’s prime objective is to engage with students and encourage them to actively participate in events that could add value to their existing skillset in a fun way. She believes striking a balance between coursework and extracurriculars is paramount and wishes for all students to benefit from this approach.

Tanvi is a trained western contemporary dancer and enjoys developing choreographies in her spare time. Some of her other interests include singing, cooking, and socializing.

Connect with @tan.trummalik on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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From being a digital marketing expert to a social media influencer, Syed Zarif Samdani has abundant marketing experience. Apart from developing creative content and designing astounding graphics, Syed has a Micro Master in Marketing Analytics.

Brock won its first medal in MBA GAMES 2021; Syed played an important role as he and his team got the runners-up position in the MBA games 2021 case study competition. Previously, in Goodman Cup, Syed was awarded the Best Presenter Award and he is also the winner of the CDP case competition 2020.

Currently, Syed is working as a Part-time sales manager at GTDS and is looking to grow his managerial experience in Canada. He is also an amazing dancer as he creates remarkable dance content on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jinghui (Yami) Wu is currently in her second year of the MBA(ISP) program at Brock University, specializing in business analytics, and in her Ph.D. program at Huaqiao University in China as well. She is dreaming of being a financial analyst in Canada after graduation.

During her academic years, she studied organizational behavior and successfully published several articles in Chinese Journals. She welcomes people who share the same interest to join her Journey of Thought Exploration!

Yami is always passionate about participating in all kinds of social events throughout her campus life. She has a lot of previous club experience to contribute to the GBC Executive team and cannot wait to meet all of you!

As the VP of Internal Affairs, Yami will offer chances to connect with professionals in the industry for graduate students of Goodman School and improve the participation experience in a diversified way to help them better understand and feel the real business world.

Jinghui(Yami) Wu shows her great passion and generosity to everyone! There is always an open door for anybody who wants to connect with her! Feel free to follow her Instagram and Linkedin.

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Karthikeshwar Subramaniyam is a second-year MBA-ISP student pursuing a specialization in Marketing. He has mentored the Goodman Consulting Association Group’s class of 2021 for the Pro Bono Consulting project group.

Born and raised in the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore, Karthik earns a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from Kumaraguru College of Technology. He has four years of industry experience working as a Lead-Presales for Zoho Corporation.

During his tenure at Zoho, he has handled customized product demos to customers and partners, product consultation and implementation. Also, he has represented Zoho in major HR tradeshows across the globe, including Singapore, the USA, UK, France, Canada, and India to promote the brand awareness of the products.

Karthik has always been inquisitive to take part in case competitions, networking events and student clubs. During his undergrad, he had the opportunity to lead the sponsorship team for the intercollegiate techno-cultural fest, Yugam, where he increased the number of student participation by organizing attractive mass campaigns and early bird offers.

Karthik has joined GBC as VP of External Affairs, intending to bridge the classroom training and industry-related knowledge through business collaborations, training, networking events and case competitions for graduate business students. Karthik is a music enthusiast and loves to travel.

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Prakhar Gupta is a second-year MBA-ISP student pursuing a specialization in Financing. He is a Chartered Accountant of India and a Company Secretary. He has participated in various international seminars and presented a paper in 5 conferences on Direct Taxation.

Born and raised in India, I have gained exposure to both office culture as well as that of self- proprietary business. Prakhar has also started a start-up in Canada. During his tenure of serving in the office, he had the opportunity to meet the CEO and CFO of Multinational companies.

Prakhar is very passionate about participating in various events all across his campus life. He is also a member of GSA(Graduate Student Association) at Brock. His day begins with keeping a close watch on the financial market.

Prakhar has joined GBC as VP of Finance to ensure perfect financial management skills. He aims to help the GBC and ensure that all events organized by them are well within the planned budget for the year.

Prakhar loves to connect with people and those who wish to connect with him can connect via LinkedIn.

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