Bloomberg is a world leader in the coverage of financial and economic information around the world. It offers current and historical financial and economic data, analytical tools, news, messaging, job and resume postings, and much more. Completing Bloomberg Certification will provide you with valuable practical skills and will enhance your resume.


To obtain Bloomberg Certification in Equity Essentials

you will need to watch four Bloomberg Core videos and one Market Sector video and to take two short exams.


Four Bloomberg Core videos will familiarize you with basic Bloomberg functionally:


Getting started – 18 minutes

Bloomberg news – 17 minutes

Market monitors and Launchpad – 22 minutes

API (Bloomberg data in Excel) – 35 minutes


After viewing these four Core videos you will automatically be enabled to take the Core Exam.


You will need to watch only one Market Sector video - Equity Essentials (29 minutes), which will introduce to equity market fundamentals. After viewing this video you will be automatically enabled for a Market Sector exam. Once you have completed the Core and Market Sector exams with a score of 75% or higher for each, you will receive the acknowledgement of the successful completion of Bloomberg Essential Training Program in Equity Essentials from Bloomberg.


Note that you may retake each exam only once.


Date: Anytime (online)

Location: Bloomberg Lab at Tara Hall 304 or Using the Bloomberg Terminals in Library

Cost: $0