​" The MBA Games is more than a competition. It is an opportunity for students with different backgrounds from across Canada to get together to share ideas and innovate for a better future. With business schools across the country participating, the games bring together the best and brightest MBA students to take part in a series of events that challenge their academic acumen, athletic prowess, and team spirit for the chance to win the Queen’s Cup.
The coming year marks the 30th year that the Games have been played, and for the first time in their history, they will be held in Ottawa, Ontario."

Competitions in Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Diversity & Inclusion.

Dodgeball, Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball

The Generous Moose, The Dancing Moose, MooseTube, The Popular Moose and two Mystery Events

Applications for the MBA Games have been closed. Selected applicants will be contacted soon.

More information will be posted here and on our social media pages soon.