Goodman Cup 2020 Highlights
GBC Team
Team 1 Group Photo
Team 9 Group Photo
Team 11 Group Photo
Team 8 Group Photo
Group 7 Team Photo
Group 10 Team Photo

The Goodman Cup is a Marquee Internal case competition for graduate Students of Goodman School of Business.  It is a great platform to showcase indivudual analytical and public speaking skills along with the ability to function in a team setting, in front of reputed panelists comprising of Professors, alumni, and industry professionals. It gives you a great opportunity to interact with your peers and learn while you enjoy at the same time.

GBC thanks every participant and volunteer to make this year's event a great success. Enjoy Goodman Cup 2020 highlights with a thank you dance video from fun filled GBC team!

Goodman Cup 2020
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